The Saby Charitable Foundation

The Saby Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by Kenes Rakishev and his wife Assel Imangalievna Tasmagambetova in 2002. The foundation helps disadvantaged children and young people in Kazakhstan secure a better future. Since its inception, the Saby Foundation has launched eight core programmes and a start-up competition. As of 2020, its annual budget exceeds $17 million.

Our Programs

01. Orkendeu

An ongoing building project dedicated to underprivileged children in Kazakhstan. As part of this project, Saby has built and renovated eight buildings across three regions. These include a modern childcare center in Kyzylorda City, a spacious auditorium for a boarding school in Almaty City, and a secondary school for the children of Akzhar Village.

02. Sport-Health-Achievements

The goal of this project is to increase access to sports and exercise among disadvantaged preschool and primary school children. As part of this project, the foundation has built a public playground in the city of Atyrau as well as a tennis court and a basketball court for the Zhanuya school for children with special needs.

03. Youth Programme

In Kazakhstan the state provides housing, education, and financial aid for orphaned children until the age of 23. However, when they graduate from the system they often find life very challenging. The Youth Programme aims to help them assimilate successfully. Beginning 2011 the Saby Foundation has been offering professional training courses, assisting with employment opportunities, and collaborating with the Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan JSC to enable young people to buy their own apartments.

04. A Decent Life for Disabled People

This project helps people with disabilities integrate in society by improving access to public facilities. As part of the Decent Life project, Saby Foundation launched the Invataxi service in collaboration with the Center for Rehabilitation Services and the Union of Organisations of Disabled People of Kazakhstan. With more than 60 cars spread out across the country, Invataxi offers free transportation to people with disabilities who need to reach their workplaces or academic institutes.

05. Give Life to Children

An ongoing SMS campaign that was initiated in 2007 together with the Mercy Volunteer Society (DOM) Foundation to help fund medical treatment for children in need. The campaign allows anyone in Kazakhstan to send an SMS to a specific number and donate a fixed amount (the equivalent of $0.9). By 2017 Give Life to Children had collected more than $8 million. All contributions are used to help sick children who cannot be properly treated in Kazakhstan travel abroad and get the medical care they need.

06. The Medical Project

A sustainable development project for the overall upgrade of the medical system in Kazakhstan. The project focuses first and foremost on paediatrics, improving medical facilities for children, bringing in better equipment, introducing advanced approaches and providing better education for doctors and nurses.

07. The Education Project

The goal of this project is to help teenagers who grew up in orphanages achieve an academic education. It provides advanced professional training for the educational staff of these facilities; supports programmes that encourage these teenagers to seek a tertiary education; and offers grants that enable them to finance the academic path they choose.

08. Alem Programme for the Support of Young Talents

Alem encourages gifted children and young people to realize their full intellectual and creative potential by supporting their education and helping them develop professionally. Aside from financial assistance, Saby Foundation conducts an annual poetry competition, and offers advanced English and maths classes to programme participants.

09. Funding for COVID-19 testing equipment and ventilators in Kazakhstan

As the infection rate of COVID-19 began to increase in Kazakhstan and around the world, the Saby Foundation funded the National Centre for Disease Control to the value of KZT 400 million (US$900,000) to purchase 130,000 tests for potential carriers of the novel coronavirus, and donated another KZT 10 million (US$23,500) to purchase artificial lung ventilation apparatus to treat affected patients in Kazakhstan. Moreover, Kenes Rakishev has made personal donations to the Birgemiz Public Fund, contributing to the private sector’s efforts to help fight the epidemic.

Build Your Business

As part of the Foundation’s ongoing activity, Kenes Rakishev conducts an annual contest for young entrepreneurs and early stage businesses. Winners and runners up receive generous non-reimbursable grants that help them turn their creative ideas into substantial businesses. The contest is open to participants from many different fields including technology, agriculture, education and medicine. The first Build Your Business contest took place in 2013 in Almaty. Since then, over $1 million has been granted to more than 40 contestants.