Kenes Rakishev, Singulariteam & Amazon Invested in Vocalis Health

Voice analytics startups Beyond Verbal and Healthymize merged in December 2019, raising US$9 million in one funding round to form Vocalis Health. With its patented voice analytics solutions, Vocalis Health develops artificial intelligence platforms that use machine-learning voice analysis algorithms to diagnose health conditions which influence the vocal cords, such as depression, heart and respiratory diseases. By analysing a person’s vocal biomarkers, the AI systems attempt to find a specific vocal ‘fingerprint’ and ascertain if an individual is carrying the particular disease.

In March 2020, with support from the Defense Research and Development Directorate under the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Vocalis Health began focusing on creating a test for COVID-19, by determining whether this novel virus could affect someone’s vocal cords. The goal is to develop a downloadable smartphone app which can identify a unique vocal signature in an infected person’s voice. Vocalis Health has worked with several hospitals and academic institutions to collect voice samples. Early identification prevents further transmission and allows health providers to monitor patients remotely.

Kenes Rakishev and Singulariteam were among the first to invest in Beyond Verbal in 2013.